1. Your jewellery should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.
2. Rings and bracelets should be worn sparingly to avoid damage through impact.
3. Don´t forget to remove your rings when washing up or showering, as soap particles may become lodged in stone settings and crevices. Soaps can also leave a film over metal and stones, creating a dull appearance.
4. Store your jewellery in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.
5. If you wear your gold-plated jewellery for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down. To restore its appearance, you can have it re-plated.
6. Make sure your jewellery is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which will scratch or wear down the plating or enamelling.
7. Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your jewellery.
8. When dressing, jewellery should always be put on last as make-up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to delicate items.
9. All stone jewellery requires extra care and consideration during wear to protect the setting as well as to safeguard the precious stone it holds.
10. Kundan is the oldest surviving form of jewellery made and worn in Pakistan. It is an elaborate process of setting, which is made of high-end material.
11. Handle each piece with care as many settings are delicate and are prone to breakage if dropped or dealt with recklessly. Avoid wearing fine jewelry during physical exercise, cooking or any activity that could cause scratches or breakage.
12. While care has been taken to ensure that all the pieces adhere to the best quality and craftsmanship possible, the jewelry is handmade and there might be breakage, stone displacement or other issues due to conditions beyond our control.
13. Human natural skin oils affect diamonds and other precious stones and hence these can lead to a loss of luster. If you do not wear your jewelry regularly, it can still get dusty.
14. Commercially available jewelry boxes are not recommended for storage. They may have chemical adhesives that may cause discoloration and blackening.
15. Heat and light can impact a precious stone’s color and durability. Direct sunlight can fade a lot of stones.

Should there be any concerns, please bring the jewellery piece back to us and we will gladly rectify it for you. (Additional Charges May Apply)